Allows you to create a request to pull another user’s project on BitBucket.

Input Fields

  • Pull Request Info
    • User Name*(text): Name of user to request pull from.
    • Repository Slug* (text): URL-friendly version of a repository name, automatically generated by Bitbucket for use in the URL. For example, if your repository name was ‘føøbar’, in the URL it would become ‘foobar’. Similarly, ‘foo bar’ would become ‘foo-bar’.
    • Title* (text): Title of project requested.
    • Language (text): Language of requested project is in
    • Close Source Branch (true or false): If marked “True”, branch will be closed
    • State* (text): Current state of project, (Eg. Under Review, Require Approval, Draft).
  • Account
    • User Name* (text): Your username for BitBucket.
    • Website (text): Website account is linked to your account.
    • Display Name (text): Your display name.
    • Branch* (text): Branch associated with account.

Output Fields

  • Pull Request ID (number): Will be marked null until required input fields are filled out. Output will create a number associated with your pull request.