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The first time you use a Bamboo card in your Flow, you will need to authorize an account.

  1. Add an Account Nickname. This should be unique, so that in the case that your teammates authorize multiple accounts, you will be able to tell them apart.
  2. Enter in your Username and Password.
  3. Enter in your Bamboo domain.
  4. Click “Create” to save this configuration.


    • New Build

      Start the FLO when a new Build is created

    • New Plan

      Start a FLO when a new Plan is created

    • New Project

      Start the FLO when a new Project is created


    • Add Build to Queue

      Adds a build to the queue

    • Add Label to Build

      Adds a label to a build result

    • Get Labels From Build

      Gets a list of labels from a build result

    • List Builds

      Gets a list of recent Builds

    • List Builds in Queue

      Gets a list of builds waiting in the queue

    • List Plans

      Gets a list of Plans in a Project in a Bamboo server

    • List Projects

      Gets a list of Projects in a Bamboo server

    • Read Build

      Retrieves information for single build executed for a build plan (build result information only)

    • Read Plan

      Get Information on a specific Plan by Plan Key

    • Read Project

      Get Information on a specific Project by Plan Key

    • Remove Build from Queue

      Remove a build from the queue

    • Remove Label from Build

      Removes a label from a build result