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  • New Incident

    Start FLO when a new incident is created in StatusPage.

  • Scheduled Incident Ended

    Start FLO when a scheduled incident is completed in Statuspage.

  • Updated Incident

    Start FLO when an incident is updated in StatusPage.


  • Create Realtime Incident

    Create a realtime incident on Statuspage.

  • Create Scheduled Incident

    Create a scheduled incident on Statuspage.

  • Delete Incident

    Delete an incident on Statuspage.

  • Read Incident Detail

    Returns details of a single StatusPage incident.

  • Read Incidents

    Returns list of incidents for a StatusPage.

  • Read Scheduled Incidents

    Returns list of scheduled incidents for a StatusPage.

  • Read Unresolved Incidents

    Returns list of unresolved incidents for a StatusPage.

  • Update Incident

    Update incident on Statuspage.