Atlassian Fisheye

  1. Add an Account Nickname. This should be unique so you can tell your accounts apart.
  2. Enter in your Username and Password.
  3. Enter your Atlassian FishEye Server, which you can find at the beginning of your URL.
  4. Click “Create” to save this configuration.


  • New Changeset - Start FLO when a new Changeset is created in Fisheye
  • New File Revision - Start FLO when a new File Revision is created in Fisheye


  • Read All Changesets - Returns a list of Changesets from a Fisheye repository
  • Read All Paths - Returns information about a path from Fisheye
  • Read All Repositories - Returns list of repositories in a Fisheye installation
  • Read Changeset - Returns information from a single Fisheye Changeset
  • Read File Revision Info - Returns information about a File Revision from Fisheye
  • Read File Revisions - Returns a list of File Revisions from a Path
  • Read Repository - Returns information about a Fisheye repository
  • Read Tags - Returns a list of Tags associated with a Fisheye Revision
  • Search Changesets - Returns information from a single Fisheye Changeset