Upload a file to Aprimo’s Digital Asset Management service.

Input Fields

  • File
    • File Content (file): File content downloaded from a previous step in the FLO.
    • Chunk Size (MB) (number): The size of each multipart chunk in megabytes that will be uploaded to Aprimo. This must be between 1 and 25. A larger value will upload quicker, and vice versa.
    • Concurrency (number): The number of concurrent multipart uploads that will process in parallel. For example, if you set the Chunk Size to 20MB, and the concurrency to 1, it will upload one 20MB chunk at a time. Concurrency of three would upload three 20MB chunks at a time, etc. This value must be between 1-10.

Output Fields

  • Output
    • File Upload Token (string): The file upload token returned from Aprimo once the upload has succeeded. Use this token in subsequent API requests to update / add to a record.