Start Flow when a line item is updated.


  • Budget (Dropdown List) Choose the budget you want to update the line item from with this card. The options will be dynamically generated according to budgets you have.

Output Fields

  • Line Item

    • Line Item ID (text) : The line item unique identifier code. where to find line item id
    • Line Item Name (text) : The line item text name.
    • Budget ID (text) : The item’s budget unique identifier.
    • Type (text) : A string containing the new line item id.
    • Created At (text) : The timestamp for when the line item was created.
    • Updated At (text) : The latest timestamp for when the line item was updated.
    • Parent ID (text) : Line item’s parent unique identifier.
  • Context

    • Execution ID (text) : The execution unique identifier.