Read a single line item in a budget using the line item ID.


  • Budget (Dropdown List) Choose the budget you want to read the line item from with this card. The options will be dynamically generated according to budgets you have.

Input Fields

Output Fields

  • Line Item

    • Line Item Name (text) : The line item text name.
    • Budget ID (text) : The item’s budget unique identifier code. This could easily found on the top right of roll out panel that could be accesed via the panel column on the budgets view.
    • Parent ID (text) : Line item’s parent unique identifier code.
    • Type (text) : A string containing the new line item id.
    • Created At (text) : The timestamp for when the line item was created.
    • Updated At (text) : The latest timestamp for when the line item was updated.
  • Column

    • Dynamically generated based on the values you’ve choose as the budget.