Create a single line item in a budget.


  • Budget (Dropdown List) Choose the budget you want to create a new line item with this card. The options will be dynamically generated according to budgets you have.

Input Fields

  • Line Item

    • Line Item Name (text) : The text name of the line item.
    • Parent ID (text) : The unique identifier code for the line item’s parent. The new line item will be nested inside of the provided indentifier, the parent type need to be a Category type. Where to find the ID ?
    • Type (dropdown list) : A list of available line item type
      • Line item : A regular line item.
      • Category : A line item that act as a folder or directory.
      • Placeholder: A less detailed line item.
  • Column

    • Dynamically generated based on the values you’ve choose as the budget.

Output Fields

  • Output
    • Line Item ID (text) : A string containing the new line item indentifier.