Connector Building Toolbar:

Notice in the white toolbar area, there are three distinct buttons. Save, Run Now, and Submit. For this guide, we are interested in the Save and Submit buttons.

Understanding Connector Versioning

Connector versions use a basic form of semantic versioning. For example, a version of 1.2.3 is major version 1, minor version 2, patch version 3. Increment by one every time a new update is made. Major version increments when a breaking change is made to the connector, minor version is incremented with an addition of new features (e.g. a new action or event), and patch is for any other small changes (bug fixes, description changes, field additions, etc.)

Saving a Connector

There are two types of versions of a connector - a draft (working model) of the connector code, and then there are versions (e.g. 1.2.4). When using the Save feature, the current working code will overwrite the existing DRAFT of the connector (which can be chosen from the connector version dropdown menu). You can think of this as ‘staging’ the existing draft for applying a version. Keep in mind that as soon as someone saves again, the existing DRAFT will be overwritten.

Submitting a Connector (Create a new version)

Once you have saved a connector, the newly saved DRAFT will be ready to submit - which ultimately saves the existing draft as a version, and stores it in our database. Once a version is submitted, it cannot be changed - you would need to save a new version with your new changes.

Once the versions are submitted, all versions will be available to deploy to designer.

Deploying a Connector

Deployment Control Panel:

Once your version is saved, you can navigate to the deployment panel to deploy a new test version of the connector. Note: You will not be able to deploy production versions in this environment - only the Test Version will work.

First, click the Control Panel tab in the top nav bar of the tool. Then, click on the Deployment Panel tab if necessary (this should be the default landing page for the Control Panel).

Then you will see a list of connectors available to deploy in your organization. Find the connector you’re going to deploy, choose the version from the dropdown menu of the ‘Test Version’ column. Then click the red ‘Deploy’ button at the bottom of the page.

Important Note: It can take up to 30 minutes until you see your changes reflected in designer. If you notice there are some things wrong with your connector in designer, such as the Connections tab isn’t loading, the list of actions don’t load for that connector, etc, it suggests that the changes haven’t fully propagated through the system. The recommendation is to wait 30 minutes, and then test your connector. Do not spam the deploy button. If you find that your new version of the connector doesn’t deploy after a considerable amount of time, re-save and submit a new version and deploy the new version.