To start, ensure that your org has the feature that can enable Connector building. If it does not, then none of the following steps will be available to you. To inquire about how to get this feature, contact support.

Once your organization has this feature enabled, administrators can choose to “opt-in” to Connector development features. When an administrator chooses to “opt-in”, they get the following features:

  • A link in the upper toolbar in the Designer that will open a new tab into the Connector builder
  • The ability to see “Test Connectors” in the Connector selection menu in a FLO. “Test Connectors” are versions of a Connector that are deployed specifically for testing purposes. Deploying a new version of a “Test Connector” will not impact the “Production Connector” or any of the FLOs that use the “Production” version of your Connector- meaning you can test safely with the knowledge that no FLOs that non-developers are using would be impacted.
  • The ability to access the Connector builder, and to save, submit, and deploy Test/Production Connectors.

There are two ways to “opt-in” to the Connector development features:

  1. Go to the URL for the Connector builder
    • Coming here will direct you to a page asking if you would like to opt-in to all of the above features. Clicking “Proceed” will enable all of these features for that user. From then, you may use all of these tools normally.
  2. Change the user setting inside of the Designer
    • Select your user profile in the upper right of the Designer webpage, and select “Developer Settings”
    • Then select “Build Connectors”. This will enable all of the above features for you.

By default, only users with “administrator” privileges are allowed to access these features. However, administrators may also allow users with “member”-level privileges to use these tools if they choose.

To do so, select the gear icon next to your organization name in the Designer. In the “Organization” tab, administrators may change the “Who can build Connectors?” setting to “Everyone”. This will allow administrators and members to be able to “opt-in” to the Connector development tool suite.

Note: Members are only able to deploy “Test” Connectors (not “Production” Connectors), even when they are opted-in to Connector development tools.