Service Outages

What happens to active FLOs during a full outage varies by the type of FLO:

Monitor FLOs - These FLOs trigger when a scheduled check finds new application data (e.g. when there’s a new customer in Salesforce). Each Monitor FLO keeps track of when the last check was made and/or what the last new record was. Data is not lost when a scheduled check is missed during an outage because the new data gets picked up by the first check after the outage. The default for monitor FLOs is to check every 5 minutes, so an outage usually results in only a short delay to your workflow.

Real Time (webhook) and API Endpoint FLOs - These FLOs get called directly by another application. If there is a service outage at the time of the call, the result depends on how the calling application recovers from getting no response. Some applications will automatically retry calls again later so may succeed once the Azuqua service is back online.

Scheduled FLOs - A FLO that runs on a fixed schedule will miss any scheduled runs during a full outage so may require that you manually run it after an outage is complete.

Form FLOs and FLO Pages will be unavailable during the outage.

For More Help

Check our status page ( for more details on specific incidents that could affect your FLOs. Contact your support representative for further assistance.