View and Manage Connections

View all your connections in one place

When signed in, click Settings in the top-navigation and then Connections beneath that.

You’ll get a list of all the connections you’ve set up to your web applications for use in your Flows. For each connection, you’ll see: the application, the nickname you gave to the connection, the user who added it, and the date it was added.

Manage your connections

For each connection, you’ll see the following six buttons:

   Edit Name - edit the nickname for the connection

   Manage Permissions - manage how the connection is shared and with whom

   Test Connection - test the connection (a green check indicates it works)

   View Usage - get a list of Flows that use this connection

   Reauthorize Connection - update or repair a connection (see explanation below)

   Delete Connection - delete the connection

If you’ve updated your credentials for a web application

If you’ve updated the password, API key, or application settings for a web application for security reasons, then your connection from your Flows may need to be fixed.

The quickest way to fix connections – without breaking your Flows that use the connection – is to use:

   Reauthorize Connection

When clicked, you’ll get a confirmation dialog. You can view a list of Flows that use the connection or open the help topic on connecting to that application. When you’re ready to proceed, click the Reauthorize button. A pop-up (or series of pop-ups) follows. The options vary depending on the steps required to connect to that particular application. Follow the steps and click Authorize when done.

Note: Be sure to reauthorize each connection with a similar connection. For example, be careful not to replace a work Gmail with a personal Gmail. Errors in your Flows may result if the new connection does not have access to all of the same data as the original account.

For shared and multiple organizations:

If you manage Flows for more than one organization, you’ll need to repeat the “View all your connections” instructions (above) for each organization that appears in the drop-down at the top left of the Home page.

If you have access to Connections that have been shared with you to use – but without permission to edit – then you won’t be able to edit the name, change permissions, reauthorize or delete the connection.